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Tips For Parents

The answers to these frequently asked questions will help camper parents get their child ready for camp:

What kinds of things do I need to do with my child before camp?

  • Make sure you have filled out all the required forms 
  • Make sure your child is fully immunized
  • It is a great idea to have your child checked for Lice
  • If your child has braces or other appliances get them checked at the orthodontist
  • If your child is travelling from outside the country make sure they have a valid passport

What do I do if my child has medication?

Please ensure that all medications are listed clearly on the health history form. Bring the medication with you to camp on arrival day and drop it off at the designated location. All medication must be clearly labelled with your child’s name and either in its original packaging or in pharmacy provided blister packs. If your child is travelling by plane, they should put their medication in their carry-on bag and give it it to the staff member who meets them on arrival in Toronto.

How accurate is the clothing list?

The clothing list is a fairly accurate guide. The quantities can vary depending on whether your child is at camp for 2 weeks or 2 months. Keep in mind that we do laundry once a week and they typically get it returned the next day. You know your child best, if they tend to lose clothes or get really dirty, send a bit more. Don’t send too much as it becomes too cumbersome for your child. No fancy clothes are necessary. “Emergency” laundry is done daily, should it be required.

Do I really need all this “stuff” my child is telling me to buy?

No! “Keep it simple” is our motto. The more stuff they have the more mess they have to deal with. It is so much easier for your child to keep things organized if they have a manageable amount. A few special things to keep beside their bed is great. Hundreds of playing cards, stickers or gadgets simply end up on the floor by the end of each day.

If you follow the clothing list you will be fine. Many of the camp stores sell “must haves” for camp such as; foam mattress pads, zip-up clothing bags for shelves, nets for beds. These items cause more garbage and clutter in the cabins, and are NOT allowed at camp.

CAN my kids bring food AND CANDY TO CAMP?>

Realistically most campers bring some food for the bus and for the first night candy party. About $15 worth is more than enough. Please be reasonable when sending food. Campers get snacks twice a day, great desserts as well as treats during special programs. Again, the more they have under their bed, the more they have to keep organized. After the first night candy party, cabins are checked and any leftover food/candy is removed.

Do my kids need money?

This summer, we will not be having any trips outside of camp, so no pocket money is needed.

What is available in the tuck shop?

Toiletries are available in our tuck shop if your child runs out of something.

What is a “tool box?”

Many campers bring an inexpensive tool box to camp to store some of their personal items. No other storage items are necessary or allowed at camp. Each camper has a set of shelves beside their bed and many shelves for clothes at the back of each cabin. Younger campers do not use locks on their tool boxes and many older campers also do not use locks.

What type of electronics are allowed?

Ipod shuffle, or any other Ipod that does NOT have a video screen are allowed at camp. Digital cameras are also allowed. No devices with video screens including iPads, laptops, game consoles or iPod Touch are allowed. Please do not send a cell phone to use as a music player. The only acceptable device is an iPod shuffle or comparable music player without a screen.

Can I send packages to my child while they are at camp?

No, you cannot send packages to your child.

You can send envelopes up to legal size, no larger than 1” thick. We only accept those sent by regular mail. No courier packages are allowed. You cannot send any food, candy or toys to your child. All large envelopes are opened and these items are removed. Only books, magazines and letters are given to the campers.

Is there anything else I need to send with my child?

The short answer is, no. But here are some things we suggest:

  • Pre-addressed envelopes – especially for younger children
  • Sports equipment – we have everything they need at camp, but some kids bring tennis racquets, baseball gloves or hockey sticks depending on their interest
  • Costumes – we have a Halloween program for Kiwis and Koalas and lots of other special programs
  • Many of the boys hang sports jerseys in the cabin as decoration
  • Don’t forget an extra pair of running shoes