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A Typical Day



Everyone wakes up at 8:00am and meets in the dining hall for breakfast at 8:30am.

Girls in Cabin


Campers and staff head back to their cabins for clean up. Together they make their beds, clean their shelves, take out the recycling and tidy the cabin.

Round Up

Round up

Each day begins with the sections meeting together to review the day. The Section Head shares each cabin’s schedule, any special programs and important announcements with all the campers and staff.


1st Morning

This activity period is spent as a cabin group. The whole cabin participates together at any one of our amazing activity areas.


2nd Morning

A special time for many CWP campers. This is a free choice period where campers go to their favourite activity either on their own or with a group of friends. All campers are busy 2nd morning. This is a time where they work on improving a specific skill, or participate in a special program or club offered by the activity.



All campers and staff gather together to eat a delicious, healthy, lunch. From across the lake you can hear the sections cheer. Throughout the week we have one outdoor barbecue lunch as well as special cabin lunches that are run by the activity areas. Ski, tennis, copper or basketball lunches are a huge hit at CWP!


Rest Hour

After lunch all campers and staff have time to wind down and relax. Whether they write a letter home, play cards with a friend or listen to music, everyone appreciates a break so they can re-energize for the afternoon.


Afternoon Activities

1st and 2nd afternoon are our two afternoon periods. They are both cabin group activity periods that allow campers and counsellors to participate together doing the activities they love.



Everyone loves NOSH! We all meet together at the “PUMP” where we enjoy a mid afternoon snack such as fruit, popsicles, or everyone’s favourite, chocolate bars.


General Swim

This period before dinner is another opportunity to choose to go to your favourite activity, such as, free swim, tennis, or glass. During this supervised free choice period, campers can also relax in the cabin and get ready for dinner.



Whether we are serving pasta in the dining hall, or hamburgers at an outdoor bbq, dinners at White Pine are amazing! Campers can always find something that they like as there are many choices meeting all dietary needs. Don’t forget those music meals where the entire dining hall is on their feet dancing to the summers biggest hit!


Evening Program

Each night at CWP the entire age group comes together to participate in a section evening program. Anything from capture the flag, to a scavenger hunt, to name that tune, evening program is a great way to end the day and see all your friends in your section. Evening programs may also be a camp wide event such as a play or CWP’s Got Talent.

Kiwi Cabins at Night


Every cabin at CWP has their own routine to close out the day. Staff and campers gather together in the cabin to have a bedtime snack and talk about the day. Campers then wash up and get into bed, excited for the day ahead!