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Special Events

Special Events

The energy and spirit at our camp-wide events is electric! Campers look forward to programs like our Midnight Special and All Day all year long. These events are a great opportunity to step out of the camp routine, and make new friends.  As campers play and cheer each other on, they also learn about teamwork, creativity, growth, and respect. 


It’s the one burning secret every camper wants to know: What’s the All Day theme this year? This camp tradition is one of our most beloved events, involving everyone from the youngest camper to the oldest staff member. Teams compete against one another in athletic and creative events where campers make decorations, create cheers, play sports and run relays. This friendly competition gets everyone involved and is a highlight of the summer.



What child doesn’t like waking up at midnight to go to a rockin’ party? At White Pine’s Midnight Special the dining hall is transformed into a camp-wide party with great food, games and lots and lots of music. The next morning’s sleep-in is appreciated by all.

Campers can participate in many out-of-camp trips, run either by the activity areas, cabin or the section. Rock-climbing trips, 3-day sailing trips on Lake Simcoe, and mountain biking trips are examples of those most popular and enjoyed by the campers.

Cabin groups also go on day trips to experience the natural wonders of the Haliburton Highlands and each age group goes on trips to nearby rivers, lakes and parks to spend a day out of camp.


Campers look forward to closing out the week with our Sunday night sing-song. The entire camp gathers on the beach in front of a floating bonfire and the setting sun. This tranquil, and moving evening brings us all together to sing great campfire classics.



Every camper and staff at White Pine puts their heart and soul into Airbands. Cabins create a “lip sync” to their favourite song and perform it for their entire section. Winners of the section Airbands competition go to the camp-wide performance that takes place the night of Visitor’s Day. This tradition brings cabins together, as the creativity and hard work that goes into each Airbands performance is unbelievable!


Each of our younger campers is paired with an older camper that becomes her or his “Big Buddy” at camp. They spend exciting periods together throughout the course of the summer, whether its doing an activity, dressing up for a special program or sitting together at an outdoor barbecue. This relationship is treasured by both the younger and older campers, and helps foster the strong sense of community that exists at camp.