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Water Sports

Water Sports

Camp White Pine has four fantastic docks on our beautiful private lake. There, under the supervision of friendly, expertly-trained, and fully-certified staff, campers can do everything from go on an afternoon paddle with friends to get up on skis for the very first time. With so many wonderful waterfront activities, there really is something for everyone.


From campers just learning front crawl to those working on their Bronze Cross, our swim program offers expert Lifesaving Society and Red Cross instruction to suit all campers’ needs. During our daily free swim, campers can bounce on the water trampoline, leap from the tower, slip down the waterslide, or cool off in an inner tube.


There’s nothing quite like gliding across the water on a hot summer day at White Pine. Whether you’ve been skiing for years or it’s your first time down at the docks, our amazing instructors will be there with you. Our state-of-the-art ski boats are fast and agile, but they’re also equipped with booms to help beginners learn. Our friendly ski staff and outstanding equipment make this one of the most popular activities at White Pine.


Since being introduced to camp, wakeboarding has offered campers an experience unlike any other. Our highly skilled and friendly staff teach everything from back-flips to the basics as campers ride the wake behind our beautiful Air Nautique boat.


The Floating Land of Inflatable Dreams (FLOID) is an aquatic playground like no other. Under the supervision of our safe and smiling lifeguards, campers can ride a Hydrocycle, climb on the jungle gym, or zip down our giant inflatable slide. FLOID is the most fun you can have in a lifejacket!


There’s nothing quite like setting sail on a hot summer day. For first-time and inexperienced campers, our sail staff offer all the instruction and guidance needed, often hopping aboard one of our many Lasers and working hands-on with the kids. For more experienced campers, our sail staff facilitate races, offer advanced instruction, or provide the opportunity to just enjoy a nice ride on a beautiful day. 


Canoeing has always been an essential part of the camping tradition, and it’s been a fixture at White Pine since its founding in 1956. At canoe, campers can go for a relaxing paddle on our tranquil lake, or play games in one of our many beautiful boats. Our expert staff teach campers everything they need to know about the sport, from the j stroke to the t rescue. The skills learned at canoe are also perfect for when campers head out on their canoe trips!


Under the supervision of our skilled and passionate staff, campers can learn everything from basic paddling to rollovers. More experienced kayakers are also encouraged to race, play games, and explore our wonderful lake.


An Ontario summer just isn’t complete without a chance to cast off into one of our many lakes and rivers. Whether campers choose to fish for bass in our lake or catch trout on a trip, fishing in the Haliburton Highlands couldn’t be more fun.