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Activity instructors teach a specific activity at camp (see a list of all our Activities) and most often live with a cabin group. At activity areas the emphasis is on safety, instruction, themes, warmth, and of course, fun. Campers who are interested are encouraged to help the activity staff plan programs and events. Each activity offers special events, clubs, themes and trips that enable the campers who love that activity to focus on it. Activity instructors help out in their cabin group and section when they are not busy at their activity.


White Pine is a cabin-group oriented camp. Counsellors play a large role in ensuring that each camper has a positive, worthwhile experience at camp. Counsellors need to be positive role models who are committed to working with youth. Counsellors live, eat and spend almost all of their time with their group. A warm, caring and involved counsellor will help make each camper’s summer and the overall group experience an enjoyable one.


Head Specialists are mature individuals who are skilled instructors in their activity area. They work directly with their staff to run the activities at camp. Head specialists are expected to supervise their staff, provide constructive feedback, and to create well-rounded programs at their activity.


We hire two nurses (R.N.s or R.P.N.s) to work with our four doctors (each of whom come to camp for two weeks). The job is ideal for graduating nurses as you will receive excellent supervision and experience. Experienced nurses often come to camp for one or two months with their children.


Support staff work in several areas, including Maintenance, Dining Room, Laundry, Babysitters and Administration. These jobs are often a terrific opportunity to get into the camping environment. In off hours, staff are encouraged to help out and participate in activities and camper programs.


While our camp operates from late June to the third week of August, some staff prefer to work for the entire four month period starting at the beginning of May. Maintenance and Dining Room work is available to those who wish to help prepare the camp in the spring. Sometimes there is work available teaching activities such as Ropes, Mountain Biking, Arts and Waterfront areas to the many school groups who use the camp at this time. This work option provides an excellent way of meeting people, getting comfortable and of course, earning more money. There is also work available in the fall until Labour Day, or even until the end of September.