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SAFETY IS OUR #1 priority

We have been working all year long on our COVID Plan and Protocols for Summer 2021. Please read the information below to understand the plans we are making for the summer to ensure that everyone at camp is healthy and safe.

Some of the information in this Plan is subject to change according to Provincial and Local Public Health. There are some sections specifically that have not been clearly outlined by Public Health Guidance, such as testing, case management and contact tracing. We will provide more details as the information becomes available.

All the dates listed in this COVID plan are based on our July 2nd start date. If that date must be pushed back a few days, the dates in the plan will be adjusted accordingly.

We have included a lot of information below. Please take the time to read it all carefully. We have provided a google form in today’s email (May 21st) to submit your questions in advance of our May 26th Zoom meeting. You can also email us your questions before and after the meeting to


As usual, we will have a doctor and nurses residing on-site at all times. Our Health Care Team will be led by our returning doctors, Dr. Jennifer Stulberg (10 years), Dr. Rebecca Herman (12 years), Dr. Dara Maker (10 years), Dr. Haley Draper (4 years), Dr. Claire Shedletzky (2 years), and of course Dr. Sid Nusinowitz (over 35 years!). Our nursing team will include Quinn Corell, Kristina Sommerville, Emily Daum, Meghan Evans, and Rachel Schiebel! In addition to our excellent health care team, we have also upgraded our Health Centre protocols and facilities for the upcoming summer. We have added a separate COVID-19 Assessment & Isolation Tent to properly separate COVID-19 matters and minimize traffic around the Health Centre. We have also allocated additional space in camp to be used by the Health Centre team as needed, such as an isolation cabin for campers & staff in the case of a positive test. Clinic and medication distribution will take place in a designated area outside of the Health Centre at our regularly scheduled times.


Having campers and staff arrive at CWP this summer free of COVID-19 gives us the best opportunity to maintain a safe and healthy environment for everyone. In accordance with the Ontario Guidelines for the reopening of Summer Camps, all campers and staff will be asked to limit their contact with individuals outside their household for 14 days prior to arrival at camp. Children can go to school or an OCA accredited day-camp, provided all local public health measures are enforced.

As a further risk prevention measure, during the final 7 days before camp, we are asking campers and staff to maintain a strict isolation. This means no interaction with anyone outside of their household (indoors or outdoors). There should be no social activity indoors or outdoors (camp shopping, play dates, birthday parties, family gatherings, etc.). If someone in your household must leave the house for an essential reason, we ask that they follow strict public health guidance (masking and distancing) and wear additional PPE if possible.

We changed the start date of camp to July 2, to give students in public school more stay-at-home time prior to camp. We ask that students do not go to in-person school after June 25. For the second month Kiwi campers arriving on July 28, we ask that campers not leave their households (for day camps or any other programs) from July 21 onward.

Though it is not mandatory, we encourage all of our eligible staff members and campers to get a COVID-19 vaccine before camp.


Campers and staff will require two negative PCR test results prior to entry to camp. The first PCR test will be approximately four days before camp. Each family can choose the location of their first test. We anticipate the government will provide free PCR testing through pharmacies. There are also private testing options available. We will be providing further details and instructions for where to complete your first test/how to share results with CWP.

The second test will be 24-hours before departure to camp, at In-Common Labs, for all campers and staff in Toronto. We will be providing a schedule for families to arrive at the testing centre. Tests will be completed on a drive-through basis by staff of In-Common Labs. Results will be shared directly with CWP, and families will only be notified if there is a positive result. For out-of-town campers and staff, you may choose the location of your second test if you are not in Toronto the day before departure. Please ensure the test results can be returned prior to departure, as you must have 2 negative test results to enter camp. We will be providing a link to upload the results for both tests.

More specific details will be shared in the coming weeks regarding the testing process before camp.

If you feel there is a chance you (staff member) or your child was exposed to COVID-19 in the 90 days prior to camp and may have had an asymptomatic case and was never tested, you may want to consider having a PCR test done. We recommend this test be done JUST before the 14 day quarantine period begins. This will minimize the chance of a false positive prior to camp due to residual virus left in the system.

There will be a one-time COVID-19 fee per camper to cover a portion of the costs for testing and other COVID related costs. The fee will be $375 for Full Season and July campers, and $300 for Two-Week campers.

Example testing schedule:

  • June 18: Start of Quarantine Period
  • June 28: PCR Test 1
  • July 1: PCR Test 2
  • July 2: First day of Camp

Please contact the camp office if you have received a positive test result between: (Staff: March 24 – June 10) & (Campers: April 2 – June 17)


Parents need to complete a daily health screening for each camper, each day for 7-days prior to arrival at camp. This includes the morning of arrival day. Parents will be able to access camper screening forms in Camp Brain each day. We will send an email reminder every morning to complete the daily screening. The form will only be available on the day of and must be filled out for the current day.

Daily Health Screening Forms must also be completed by staff, for 7-days prior to arrival at camp – including on arrival day. The form will be sent by email each morning, directly to staff members, to complete online.

Successful completion of the 7-day Daily Health Screening process is required in order to enter camp.


This summer, all campers will arrive by car. Campers need to be driven to camp by someone in their household. Carpooling is not permitted. On June 28, baggage must be dropped off for all campers arriving July 2 (location to be confirmed and shared with families in the coming weeks). Baggage details for second month campers will be shared at a later date.

Campers departing from Camp White Pine must go home on the bus at the end of their session. Baggage for campers going home will be sent in a truck as per usual. A crew of staff will unload the luggage at the drop off location. To facilitate safe unloading of the buses, we ask that only ONE parent attend the pick up location. All parents should be masked and allow the kids to exit the bus and not crowd the door.

We are reducing the bus and baggage fee, as there is no bus to camp. There will be a one-time baggage and return bus charge of $175 for every camper this summer.


Our staff will go through extensive training prior to camp and during pre-camp.

Pre-camp training will include symptom identification and COVID daily screening practices, proper hygiene, review of camper health related issues and all non-pharmaceutical interventions, including, masks, physical distancing, etc.

Staff will also be educated on the impact the pandemic has had on the mental health of children and youth. This will include, the use of non-stigmatizing language when discussing COVID-related symptoms with each other and with campers, as well as dealing with emotions such as anxiety, stress, homesickness, etc.


We look forward to welcoming your child to White Pine on arrival day! All staff will be participating in our structured arrival process, to help your child feel comfortable and relaxed. They will feel the White Pine energy and excitement as soon as they arrive!

Families will be provided a drop-off window of time to arrive at camp, to allow for a staggered arrival. There will be a drive-through screening process. Once the camper completes the screening, they will be greeted by their counsellor and taken to the cabin to meet their cabinmates. The Health Centre staff will be available to collect medication. Baggage will have been dropped off already, so campers should only be arriving with a toolbox, knapsack, and other small personal items.

Parents please say goodbye inside your vehicles, as you must remain in your car while at camp.


This summer, beyond the red gates, we will become our own little world. Campers and staff will remain on-site and all programming and days off will occur within our bubbled home. All non-essential travel to/from camp will be highly restricted.

An electronic gate will be installed on the camp road. Anyone driving into camp must stop at the gate and call into the office – via intercom – for approval to enter (except during scheduled camper drop-off times).  All essential deliveries (I.e. food/supplies) will be contactless as drivers will remain in their vehicle.

To reduce the risk of transmission, only senior staff who have received one dose (or more) of a COVID-19 vaccine are eligible for essential trips to town (e.g. bank). Each trip will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Anyone that leaves camp must wear appropriate PPE. There will be no visitors to camp and no Visitors Day.

This summer there will be no canoe trips off camp property. Instead, we will do overnights by cabin group on our private lake.

Local staff (maintenance, laundry and cleaning) who commute every day will complete a pre-screening form prior to arrival in the morning. They will maintain a 2m distance from all campers and staff throughout the day and will wear a mask and other PPE (such as a face shield).


This summer, cabin groups (campers, counsellors and sleep-ins ) will be considered a cohort like a family household.

The cabin does not have to mask or physical distance when they are with their cabin group, whether it be inside the cabin, doing an activity, eating a meal or walking around camp. We are hopeful that cohorting and other COVID restrictions will ease as the summer progresses. Campers and staff will not be able to enter a cabin of another cohort until COVID restrictions are eased. Section Heads and our senior leadership team will be there for your child and may visit cabins while wearing the appropriate PPE and following physical distancing guidelines.

We are asking that campers do not share personal items (such as pillows, water bottles, toiletries). Every item must be clearly labelled prior to arrival at camp.


While masking and physical distancing will be a part of camp this summer, it will not take away from the connection we all have with each other at camp.

As stated above, masks are not required when the cabin group cohort is in their cabin, once seated at meals at their table, doing activities on their own as a cabin group, and while walking around camp maintaining 2m distance from other cohorts.

Masks will be necessary when campers/staff are within 2m of someone outside their cohort. For example, during instruction at an activity area when the activity staff member is closer than 2m, or when you want to hang out with a friend/sibling from another cabin and are within 2m.

Campers and staff can wear disposable or cloth masks. Please pack a lot of whatever your child prefers, and clearly label cloth masks. We will be washing cloth masks weekly, so please bring a small mesh bag for laundry. We recommend packing one mesh bag for clean masks and one for dirty. It is also recommended to send your child with lanyards as well so they can keep their masks around their necks, and are less likely to get lost.

Our packing list has further guidelines. We will have lots of extra disposable masks on-site.


Although everyone will be tested and quarantined for 14-days prior to arrival at camp, we are going to go above and beyond to ensure we have a healthy environment beyond the red gates!

Starting in pre-camp and continuing once the campers arrive, everyone will undergo asymptomatic testing at camp for screening purposes. Tests will be non-invasive PCR or rapid antigen tests, depending on public health guidance. More details about on-site testing will be provided closer to camp.

In-Common Labs will be providing test kits. Camp nurses and doctors will be responsible for administering the non-invasive COVID tests. Samples will be sent to Toronto for processing; results available within 24-hours.

Symptomatic testing will take place during camp if needed.

We will have access to rapid antigen tests, as well as PCR tests if required.


Cabin staff will conduct daily health screenings for campers and each other, prior to breakfast and bedtime. Staff living in staff cabins are responsible for self checks in the morning. Daily screening will be checking for COVID-19 symptoms.

Our medical team and counsellors will be aware of campers’ detailed health history, so they are able to distinguish between a typical symptom regularly experienced by the camper (e.g. sneezing due to allergies), and a possible symptom of COVID-19. Of course, we will always err on the side of caution and have the medical team assess all possible cases.


We look forward to welcoming our second month Kiwi campers on July 28! Kiwis will be the only campers coming up on changeover. All protocols will ensure that the arrival of these campers will not impact the safe environment that has been created at camp.

All arriving Kiwi campers will follow the same screening and testing procedures as campers arriving 1st month. Arriving campers will follow the same 14 day quarantine requirements and will be specifically asked to stay home from all structured programs including day camp, for approximately 7 days prior to arrival (July 21 onward).

Campers that arrive on changeover will follow the protocols outlined at the beginning of camp, such as masking and physical distancing around other cohorts. The protocols in the Kiwi section will not impact any full season campers.

The Kiwis will function as their own little village and the cohorting requirements will have no impact on the excitement and energy of their camp experience.


We are excited to share with you all the amazing changes we have made throughout camp so that day-to-day life feels as normal as possible.

Campers will be able to participate in many new and improved outdoor activities including our new pizza oven, updated mini golf course, outdoor ping pong, parks and rec and our incredible new sport court “The Summit” with handball, dodgeball, pickleball, soccer, basketball and tennis.

Typical indoor activities such as the arts, will be mostly outdoors. All activity periods will be cabin based. As restrictions ease during the summer, campers will have the opportunity to focus on their favourite activities through free choice periods.

Yes, camp-wide programming may look a little different but we promise, your favourite programs WILL happen this summer! Summer 2021 will include an All-Day Program, the Midnight Special, camp-wide sing songs, plays, and so much more! We will ensure they will be done in a safe way.

Physical modifications to the camp will include increased ventilation throughout camp. We have built and installed screen doors in each cabin. The Dining Hall and other essential indoor areas will have more screens to allow for air flow. Five large event tents have been installed around camp that will be used for outdoor programming on rainy days, in addition to meals. Hand sanitizer stations will be located in all cabins and activity areas, as well as on dining hall tables and in common buildings around camp. Two additional hand washing stations will be built and located in main camp. Picnic tables and Muskoka chairs will be everywhere!


We will be dividing the camp in half for meals. Half of the camp will eat inside the dining hall and the other half will eat outside in 2 separate, large, event tents. All tables (indoors and outdoors) will be 2m apart. We will rotate the schedule throughout the summer.

Campers and staff will be masked, except for while seated/eating at their tables. Meal procedures will be the same as always… family style!


While strict cleaning protocols have been mostly debunked as a necessity to control the spread of COVID, keeping camp clean will reduce the overall risk of illness at camp for all campers and staff.

Hand and respiratory hygiene (such as coughing and sneezing into your sleeve) will be clearly outlined for campers at the beginning of camp. Hand washing and sanitizing routines will be carefully monitored by staff throughout the summer.

Our maintenance staff will be working hard all summer, using enhanced cleaning protocols in all common areas throughout camp, especially the bathrooms, kitchen, and dining hall/meal tents.


Yes, even during COVID we still have to shower and brush our teeth!

Cabin groups will be assigned a time to shower. Campers and staff must wear a mask until they are in the shower stall (main camp). For upper camp showers, campers should line up outside of the building and only enter when a shower stall is free. Everyone should limit their time in the shower as much as possible.

A similar schedule will be developed for cabins to wash up in the evening and in the morning. All other times – washrooms can be used by individuals while wearing a mask, and maintaining physical distancing inside the washroom.


While much of this section will be dictated by public health guidance, which is not yet finalized, we have outlined our proposed protocol for the unlikely event of a positive test. The information below is subject to change as we get closer to camp.

If a camper or staff member presents any possible COVID-19 symptoms they will be assessed by our medical team and undergo a COVID test if necessary.

If a test is not warranted, they will remain in the Health Centre until symptoms have subsided for 24 hours.

If the individual is suspected of COVID they will go to our supervised isolation cabin, and parents will be notified.

In consultation with the doctor, family, and Adam/Dana, steps for a PCR test will be determined. PCR tests may be done at home or at camp depending on circumstance.  Any camper or staff with a positive PCR result must be picked up at camp within 8-24 hours and Public Health will be notified.

If the camper/staff is American, families must have a plan to have their child picked up. Extended time will be given to those families.

Camp will assist any international staff to find suitable isolation accommodations if required.


If a camper/staff member living in a camper cabin is being tested for COVID-19, the cabin cohort will isolate while waiting for the results. They will be able to continue participating in camp-life, however symptoms will be monitored, they will be masked at all times, and remain distanced (2m) from other cohorts (for example they will eat outside and go to an outdoor activity on their own – as a cabin group).

In the case of a positive PCR test, contact tracing will include close contacts (cabin group cohort) and low risk contacts (those individuals who live outside the cabin cohort but have come into contact with the positive case). There is a possibility that the cabin group will have to go home and isolate before returning to camp if there is a positive PCR test result within the cohort. Those details are not yet available.

Low risk contacts may have to abide by masking and physical distancing protocols while symptoms are monitored by the camp medical team. These individuals may also have to undergo surveillance testing.


This summer, you can look forward to the same style of communication you’ve been used to in the past. For every Kiwi, Koala, and new camper, your child’s counsellor is going to call you during the first week of camp. Throughout the summer, we post on Instagram (@campwhitepineofficial), and we will always email you when we release our Week-In-Review videos!

If there are any concerns about your child’s physical or emotional well-being, we will contact you.

For summer 2021, in lieu of in-person visits, we will do a “Virtual” Visitor’s Day at some point the week of July 19. Campers will be able to FaceTime or Zoom with their family. Details to follow.


All International staff must follow the entry requirements of Canada. Staff must quarantine at a government approved facility, and follow all testing requirements. Many of our international staff have been vaccinated.


Staff will drive or be driven to camp. If driving up to camp, staff must either drive alone or with someone living in their household. If driven up to camp by someone in their household, the driver cannot get out of the vehicle while in camp. Staff will be screened upon arrival and must bring luggage with them.


Unfortunately Camp Towhee, across the lake from White Pine, has decided not to run this summer and they have been gracious enough to allow us to use their facilities for staff days off. Towhee is a beautiful site with an incredible beach, dock, basketball court, cabins and much more…It will be like a private cottage day off with a 2-minute commute, chef on site and endless activities!

Staff will be able to go on days off with friends. Chef Patrick will provide catered food from White Pine (great food) and one of our camp chefs is going to come over to cook. Patrick and his Chefs are very excited to make these days off special for the staff.

During pre-camp and the first week of camp, there will be an in-camp day off, as we will still be adhering to strict cohorting protocols.


Should I pack differently for camp this year? Campers are encouraged to bring less to camp to help minimize clutter in their area and make it easier to keep the cabin clean. Laundry will be done weekly. Emergency laundry will be available as usual. Campers will be encouraged to wear a fanny pack that contains extra masks, sunscreen, hand sanitizer and other personal items.

Do I need to get PCR tests if I have had COVID within 90 days of camp’s start date? If a camper / staff member has had a confirmed COVID-19 case within 3 months prior to camp they do not need to be tested. It is important that you inform Jen at the camp office.

What do I do before camp if I have a pre-existing medical condition? If a staff member or camper has any pre-existing conditions, you must contact the camp office at least 1-month before arrival.

Can I come to camp if I haven’t received the results yet, from my two PCR tests? No. You must have two negative PCR test results on the designated testing dates, prior to travel to camp. We have decided to use In-Common Labs for the PCR test 24-hours before camp, to ensure we receive the results prior to arrival. If campers or staff take their first PCR test at a private Lab or Government test site, they must provide Camp with those test results as soon as they are received and prior to arrival at camp. (A link will be provided to upload test results for review)

Do I have to be vaccinated to come to camp? No. Though we recommend that all campers and staff get vaccinated as soon as they are eligible, it is not a requirement.

What happens if I test positive before camp? Please contact the office as soon as possible, and follow public health guidance. If you suspect you received a false positive, please inform the office and speak to public health.

If I am on staff, can I drive to camp with my friends? No, unless you live in the same household.

What should I expect during the arrivals procedure / camper drop off if I’m a camper parent? Parents are not permitted to exit their vehicles and must minimize the time you take saying goodbye to allow for the continual flow of traffic. We ask that you please say goodbye inside your vehicles. We suggest all parents go to the bathroom in Minden/Haliburton before you arrive at camp as you will not be able to leave your car. Please strive to practice proper hygiene (handwashing, hand sanitizer), masking and physical distancing on your drive to camp if stopping in a public location on the way to camp. Please bear in mind there will be two-way traffic on our road, so drive slowly.

When do I arrive if I am driving to camp with my sibling(s) who’s in another section? Campers will be assigned an arrival time. If you have siblings, time is allotted based on the youngest sibling.

Will Adam’s car be parked in front of the Pottery Barn with a box in his trunk for medication when I drop off my child at camp? Maybe! All medication must be pre-entered in CampBrain before you arrive at camp. We will have a nurse at check-in to collect the medication from you. Please keep medication in their original bottle or packaging and place medication in a clear, labelled Ziploc bag and hand it to the staff person checking you in from the comfort of your car.

Can I pick up my child from camp at changeover or the end of the summer? No, all campers must depart camp via the camp bus. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you, but our priority this summer is maintaining a strict bubble environment at camp, which will extend into the fall school group programming.

Will anyone be coming and going from camp during the summer or will the gates be closed the whole time?  There will be no out of camp trips this summer.  Any essential trips to town such as, trips to hospital or dentist will be for emergencies only. Staff and campers will wear PPE and follow the public health protocols.

Can my child’s counsellor hug or comfort my child during camp? Yes, absolutely!

Will this be the best summer ever after 15 months at home? Yes, absolutely!